How to add pages?

How to add pages?

In DokuWiki pages are created as in every other wiki. Simply create a link to a non existing page, follow this link, and click on Create this page. This is the most common and recommended way. It ensures all your pages are linked together correctly and you don't create orphans anywhere.

There are some alternative ways as well:

  • You may enter the name of new page directly in the search field, and click the “Search” button and can choose Create this page on the results page. The new page will be named after your query.
  • Of course you can also open a non-existing page by manually manipulating the URL in your Browser

Make sure you properly link your newly created page from other pages, when using one of the alternative methods.


If I wanted to create a page in the Life Sciences Computing How to page I would do it as follows:

  • Navigate to the page where I want the link to be created
  • Click Edit Page
  • Enter the following link: [ [page_name|This is a new page] ]
    • The bit that says “page_name” is the name of the page you will be creating.
    • The bit that says “This is a new page” is how the wiki will display the link.

Note: There should be no spaces between the square braces at either end of the link.

How do I link to a page in a different namespace?

The term namespace in simplest terms is another way of saying “directory”. To keep information in order, it is good practice to store different types of information in different namespaces (or directories). To link to a page not in the current namespace, its simple a case of providing the path to the namespace before providing the page name in the link.

The easiest way to find out the path is to navigate to the section where you want the page to appear. In the address bar at the top you will see an address like this:

The bit you are interested in is lsc:knowledge_base:start. The last bit after the final colon (”:”) is the page name. The preceeding names are the directory that it is in. It could be represented as

+ lsc
- + knowledge_base
- - - start (the page name)

So to link to a page not in the current namespace we would enter our link as follows:

  • [ [ lsc:knowledge_base:new_page|This is a new page ] ]

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