Room Bookings

Room Bookings

There are a number of CLS rooms within JBC, MSI and WTB that are bookable for meetings, seminars, etc. This service is maintained by the College Reception staff in conjunction with Divisional Secretaries. The rooms that are bookable via this service are held as GroupWise resources

CLS Bookable rooms

Building GW Name Phone number
James Black Centre ROOM-JBC-1L2-210 86241
James Black Centre ROOM-JBC-2L3-206-SOUTH 86270
James Black Centre ROOM-JBC-2L3-242-NORTH
James Black Centre ROOM-JBC-ML4-206 86321
James Black Centre ROOM-JBC-3L5-240-MRC (MRC USE ONLY) 86390
James Black Centre ROOM-JBC-4L6-206
Medical Sciences Institute ROOM-MSI-SLT 88757
Wellcome Trust Building ROOM-WTB-1L2112
Wellcome Trust Building ROOM-WTB-1L2116
Wellcome Trust Building ROOM-WTB-ATRIUM-1L2
Wellcome Trust Building ROOM-WTB-SRB (Seminar room; back half) 86432
Wellcome Trust Building ROOM-WTB-SRF (Seminar room; front half) 88759

University bookable rooms

The University offers a room bookings service for central rooms at

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