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 +Generally handled on a case-by-case basis.
 +For interest - from Nov 2015
 +"Jalview is GPLv3. JPred is GPL. JABAWS is Apache.
 +There are a couple of issues with licensing that are worth considering:
 +* do you want to allow commercial software packages to link to the code ?
 +* is your code primarily used to provide services ?  Do you want to
 +require all servers to make their source available ? -> Affero GPLv3 is
 +the way to go.
 +* do you want Titus Brown to use it ? it can only be BSD (or maybe Apache).
 +one of the many almost useful links to an almost useful flowchart:
 +ISTR a more comprehensive and useful key to picking a software license,
 +but can't lay my mouse on the URl... it might come back to me in a few days."
 +~ Jim
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